Certik Completes Twinci Audit

Understanding that safety is one of the factors of a trust-worthy and long-lasting decentralized project, Twinci have worked with Certik, a leading blockchain security by pioneering the use of cutting-edge Formal Verification technology on smart contracts and blockchains. Unlike traditional security audits, Formal Verification mathematically proves program correctness and hacker-resistance.

Certik.io has completed a full Smartcontract-analysis of Twinci with no major issues found.


Certik conducts rigorous security updates on blockchain protocols in order to find and address security issues. They have worked with many partners in the space and have a deep understanding of the industry.


Certik team has found 4 minor issues in Information, all of which were about maximizing Gas Optimization to save gas fee. There were no show-stoppers or issues that required radical changes to Twinci.

The full report can be found at the following link: CertiK-Audit-Report-for-Twinci

Certik’s Summary on Twinci: https://www.certik.org/projects/twinci


The team found Certik to be a thorough, professional and prompt audit partner and make full recommendations for other projects to engage with them.

Next Audit

We are going to push the safety and security even more by continuing to keep our standards and work with other auditing companies in the near future.

Twinci Community

To keep up to date with the project, please monitor community channels, particularly Telegram and Twitter:




The first NFTs Social-Marketplace. Create, sell and collect digital items secured with blockchain.

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The first NFTs Social-Marketplace. Create, sell and collect digital items secured with blockchain.

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