Twinci Airdrop #3

Twinci — The first NFTs social — marketplace on Binance Smart Chain. Twinci Dapp aims to eliminate the technical barriers so that art creators can digitize their artwork into NFTs with the utmost ease.

Becoming the largest decentralized social network and sharing our profit with users.

1. Like our fanpage:
2. Write a short sharing about Twinci, attach the content and images below:

3. Share to crypto-related facebook groups.
4. Fill in the form: TwinciAirdrop#3

Prizes & Rules:

  • $5,000 TWIN for the earliest 5,000 shared links that are valid for our requests
  • Each participatant can share the post to different groups
  • The awarding process happens 3 days when the program ends on Telegram Channel.

Try to complete as many as you can!

The first NFTs Social-Marketplace. Create, sell and collect digital items secured with blockchain.