Twinci Launches Ambassador Program for Creators

Twinci has always appreciate talents and hope to see them develop at their best. We’re delighted to announce the launch of the Twinci Artist Ambassador program — An opportunity to be a part of the Twinci content creator community! Top artists from all corners of the entertainment industry are welcomed represent, promote & join in minting their content into NFTs!

Being an artist chosen by Twinci, you will:

  • Have a verified profile with green tick, which will ensure the credit and reputation. Your artworks will be sold easier and and will appear in a distinguished category.
  • Receive lifetime royalties for your artworks, every time they are sold by their new owner, you will get a certain percent from that sale.
  • Get an allowance of $50 to 200 in BUSD per month (Depend on your performance and influence — We will offer after assessing)
  • Chances to be promoted inside the platform, to become our major KOLs and more

And in order to get those benefits, there are a few requirements:

  • Activate in Twinci Marketplace as an artist with at least 3 new NFTs created and put on sale every week (old artworks are accepted)
  • Promote your artworks at Twinci on your social channels
  • Support promoting Twinci’s event
  • Share your artwork in Twinci Community group
  • Make a report of your tasks and send us at the end of the month for assessment.
  • Link your Twinci profile on Twitter/Instagram

We hope we could be great partners and that we’ll all grow together. We look forward to hearing good news from you. A confirmation email with details on terms will be sent again upon the start of the partnership, attaching the sample of the report.

About Twinci

Twinci is the first NFTs social marketplace on BSC. The Dapp enables users to create, sell and buy NFTs, interact and make friends, and generate income from selling artworks and other sources.

Twinci community is a passionate crowd with over 20k members on Telegram, 13k followers on Twitter and the number is growing every day.
Be a part and grow with us by JOINING NOW!




The first NFTs Social-Marketplace. Create, sell and collect digital items secured with blockchain.

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The first NFTs Social-Marketplace. Create, sell and collect digital items secured with blockchain.

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